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The child friendly Adventure Belt is fantastic for use with twins and multiples; juggling young children and bags is difficult at the best of times, but multiplying that by 2 or 3 can be really challenging. With multiple children, when using an Adventure Belt, you’ll feel your stress levels drop, knowing that your children are safe (and heading in the right direction!).

When linking 2 children you wear 2 adult belts, when linking 3 children you wear 3 belts etc etc.  Because your hands are free you’ll feel in control and more relaxed than if you were using traditional toddler reins.

We know that being a parent of multiples can be an expensive business, so we have created discounted twin and triplet packs.  The added benefit of having multiple Adventure Belt is that you can share the kids with other adults, on days you aren’t outnumbered!  Shop for Twins

Twins using an Adventure Belt