About us

The Adventure Belt was originally designed by Mum of two, Lucy Bostock, following a trip to LEGOLAND which almost ended in disaster. Lucy’s 5 year son old got lost in a crowd, every parent's worst nightmare. Thankfully the youngster was found but it was the longest 15 minutes of Lucy’s life. On returning home, Lucy was determined to make sure the events of LEGOLAND were never repeated. So in 2017 Lucy work began on what is now known as the Adventure Belt! 

the new teamFast forward to 2018 and a mother and daughter Jane and Elspeth were thrilled to be in a position to  take over the business when Lucy decided to sell due to changing circumstances.

We first heard of the Adventure Belt early in 2018 and were asked to take part in a photo shoot as a mum of a two year old and a Granny. We were both blown away by the freedom it gave to Hamish, my then 2 year old and the ease of use. Despite having different perspectives we both adored the Adventure Belt.  

Jane is a Granny to 5 grandchildren and an experienced early years teacher. She's a firm believer in a child-centred, play based curriculum for young children, with maximum opportunities to explore their environment.

Elspeth is a mother of three young children, the oldest having just started school. She loves to be outdoors and spends most of her time with her children in rural and seaside East Lothian with frequent trips to Edinburgh. She's also the founder of Yummikeys, Europe's first stainless steel baby toys. 

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