The Bridge to Enchantment

This is our Bridge to Enchantment, so named by Nigel Tranter, a local writer, who regularly visited the unspoilt nature reserve on the other side. The children are both nervous and excited when they see the waves lapping below us through the wooden slats, and so, another adventure begins ........


The nature reserve is a favourite haunt of ours and we always return with pockets bulging with treasure. In winter thousands of geese visit the bay and we hear their exuberant honking. Waders feed on the mud flats, sheep and deer stop munching grass to stare at us intruders and ducks are dabbling on a small loch. The path tunnels through thickets of sea buckthorn and eventually leads through sand dunes to a deserted beach.


Family expeditions such as this are priceless. The children reacquaint me with a world of endless possibilities and delights where a log can become a space rocket, polished conkers fall from trees with hands for leaves, the puddle they splash in today may be ice tomorrow, or mud, or simply gone, and there are diamonds on the beach if you look hard enough! 


I chose the Bridge to Enchantment for our first blog for all that the name conjures up and the happy times we have there. As a parent, grandparent and teacher I believe that the best provision for young children in any setting, be it home, childcare, nursery, or school, promotes confidence, risk-taking, curiosity, high self-esteem and a sense of awe and wonder, through child led play and exploration. This can happen anywhere and need not be costly. It might be your street, the back garden or a trip to the park.




Join in with them as they explore and I believe that together you and the children you nurture will make great discoveries and find magic in enchanted places.