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Getting your toddler used to their Adventure Belt

Congratulations on purchasing an Adventure Belt! We wish you many, many fun and safe adventures together. There’s very often a period of adjustment for toddlers to get used to wearing their Adventure Belt (or any other toddler reins). We recommend that you take the following steps: Allow your toddler to choose their favourite design of pouch Pre fill the pouch with a little surprise such as a little toy car, small figure, teeny teddy, keyring, colouring pencils or even a couple of sweets. Let your toddler wear only the pouch without the bungee for short period in the house for a few days to get used to it. Attach your toddler on a long bungee and go for your first...

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Adventure Belts for Grandparents !

No, I'm not suggesting that you attach a stretchy bungee to a nearby granny or grandad  and clip them onto a belt around your waist for safekeeping, although that would be interesting! As someone from that generation, I am a recent and most enthusiastic convert to the benefits of the Adventure Belt. I often care for my grandchildren but sadly am not as nimble as I used to be.   I first tried the belt on a trip with Hamish who was then two and a half. We visited a harbour enclosed by railings . I was immediately surprised by how relaxed I felt knowing he could't suddenly run off. He chose to hold my hand for much of the...

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The Bridge to Enchantment

This is our Bridge to Enchantment, so named by Nigel Tranter, a local writer, who regularly visited the unspoilt nature reserve on the other side. The children are both nervous and excited when they see the waves lapping below us through the wooden slats, and so, another adventure begins ........   The nature reserve is a favourite haunt of ours and we always return with pockets bulging with treasure. In winter thousands of geese visit the bay and we hear their exuberant honking. Waders feed on the mud flats, sheep and deer stop munching grass to stare at us intruders and ducks are dabbling on a small loch. The path tunnels through thickets of sea buckthorn and eventually leads through...

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