Adventure Belts for Grandparents !

No, I'm not suggesting that you attach a stretchy bungee to a nearby granny or grandad  and clip them onto a belt around your waist for safekeeping, although that would be interesting!

As someone from that generation, I am a recent and most enthusiastic convert to the benefits of the Adventure Belt. I often care for my grandchildren but sadly am not as nimble as I used to be.


I first tried the belt on a trip with Hamish who was then two and a half. We visited a harbour enclosed by railings . I was immediately surprised by how relaxed I felt knowing he could't suddenly run off. He chose to hold my hand for much of the visit having assessed the situation for himself i.e. this is new and I'm not quite sure so I'll hold Granny's hand. Since then the adventure belt has had numerous adventures with other family members, all of whom have been delighted with it, but none more so than Hamish.

Here are of some of the aspects of using it which I love.

  • It's so simple and quick to put on.
  • I'm more relaxed using it which Hamish notices, so we have lots of fun and he grows in confidence.
  • Instead of almost guarding him to keep him safe my role has changed to that of fellow adventurer.
  • I am able to let him take the lead more, and I can follow through with what he's interested in.
  • We go to places we wouldn't previously have visited, e.g. inside stately homes.
  • Both my hands are free so I can push a buggy, and  hold shopping or another child's hand.
  • Hamish spends far less time in his buggy.
  • He gets physically tired and sleeps better.
  • He loves the pouch and fills it with treasure on our adventures.
  • I can pack snacks in the pouch to keep him going.
  • Hamish is beginning to accurately assess risks for himself which is the real route to safety.
  • When given the choice of buggy or walk with the Adventure Belt he always chooses to walk, unless he's exhausted.


A recent triumph was a shopping trip to Ikea with my daughter and her youngest. Hamish loves the little, children's trolleys but once in his charge, they rapidly become dodgems and he is consigned, screaming in protest, to a large trolley and the trip is cut short. This time he walked round happily on his Adventure Belt and got to keep his trolley while we bought everything on our list.

So I'd say that the Adventure Belt is something of a miracle - it can transform a trip to Ikea with little ones into a fun outing!!!