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The 21st Century alternative to traditional children's reins!

At last there is an alternative to restrictive toddler reins and wrist straps! 

Adventure Belt provides child friendly solution to keeping kids safe.  Rather than utilising traditional handheld reins, Adventure Belt links adult and child belt to belt via an adjustable bungee.  This modern approach to reins allows children a sense of independence, whilst giving adults handsfree peace of mind.  

You may use an Adventure Belt yourself but it also makes a thoughtful gift for both parents and child! Grandparents pay a vital role in caring, for many children, which can sometimes be challenging.  Grandmas and Grandads are often not as fast as they once were and find Adventure Belts a huge help!


We used the belt for the first time today & it’s completely wonderful - a complete game changer for days out! 
I have a big travel system & it was getting so hard to push it with one hand, when holding her reins with the other! 
This completely sorts that problem, & my daughter is safe & secure.


My beautiful boy has autism so he's very active and interested in exploring, but he doesn't have safety awareness and isn't keen on holding my hand. The adventure belt gives me the security of knowing we're tethered together for his safety and allows him the freedom he needs to assert his independence  (safely!) 


As a mum of three under 5, I was looking for something to stop my two year old running off on the walk to school. This has been great! It means I can keep my hands free to push the pram (which can be a nightmare one handed) and my daughter can choose to walk or go on the buggy board whilst attached to me with the belt. 


Brilliant invention! Lovely to be hands free which meant I could push the buggy whilst the older one walked. It felt really safe even by a busy road. As the bungee is elastic it also means the child does not fall over backwards like they do sometimes with fixed reins


When I collect my granddaughter from nursery we have to walk along a busy road - I always use an Adventure Belt. J is too young to understand about road safety and I don't want to use a buggy


I saw this belt at a baby and toddler show, and I fell in love with it! Fantastic as LO has freedom so is happy and I feel less stressed


Why families love Adventure Belt

- It's a neutral and child friendly rein which allows children a sense of independence and freedom
- Both adult & child have their hands free so shopping, pushing a buggy or drinking a coffee is a breeze!
- Children love their cute pouch, which gives them somewhere to store snacks & important treasures!
- The elasticated bungee means Adventure Belt is comfortable for adult & child to use 
- The bungee length can be adjusted for the situation which means no tangles!

Kids love their Adventure Belt!

Perfect for Dads too!

There's even more fun with two!

Rebecca & Ollie go on a day out with an Adventure Belt