Unicorn & Highland Cow Adventure Belts now in stock!

Adventure Belt

The belt to belt rein which gives grown-ups handsfree peace of mind and allows kids a sense of independence!

The 21st Century alternative to traditional children's reins!

At last there is an alternative to restrictive toddler reins and wrist straps.  Physically linking adult & child, belt to belt, the fun Adventure Belt is loved by the whole family! 

For kids’ it provides a fun place to store treasures whilst giving a sense of independence.  For adults the system gives handsfree piece of mind and ensures child safety.

Finally it is possible to browse a shelf, watch a show or take a walk without having eyes in the back of your head!  The elasticated bungee, which links adult and child, is adjustable in length and can be completely removed if desired.  Whilst the buckles, on the child’s belt and bungee have a three way opening system, so the belt cannot be removed by the child.

Kids love their Adventure Belt!

There's even more fun with two!

An Adventure Belt is great for day's out!


Brilliant invention! Lovely to be hands free which meant I could push the buggy whilst the older one walked. It felt really safe even by a busy road. As the bungee is elastic it also means the child does not fall over backwards like they do sometimes with fixed reins